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Episode Guide

Time Management & Public Speaking

In this episode, our CEO Tony is joined by one of our most popular trainers, Sonya Meekel.

They discuss several aspects of management, mainly focussed on improving time management, as well as some fantastic tips and insights on how to speak in front of an audience.

Sales & Exhibitions

The exhibition industry is growing rapidly year on year, as it is a hugely valuable method to promote your business. However, it’s up to you to make it work!

In this episode, Tony Cantwell is joined by The Exhibition Guy, Stephan Murtagh, to discuss the real benefits of face to face sales, and the most important things a company should consider when exhibiting or sponsoring at an event.

Creating a Social Media Presence

In this episode, Tony Cantwell is joined by Alan Hennessy, Head of Digital & Social Media at Kompass Media, to discuss tactics on how companies can create and improve their social media presence online, how to create content that engages their audience, and how to build their brand.